Staycation Ideas.

Thinking of a staycation? Why not visit Scotland which has a mix of everything you could wish for. Stunning beaches, fantastic lochs and magnificent mountains. Read more below for some of the best staycation ideas in Scotland..

Staycation Ideas - Edinburgh.

The magnificent city of Edinburgh on the east coast of Scotland is full of historic sites and stories. Walk to the castle up the famous ‘Royal Mile’. A must for any visitor to Scotland.
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Staycation Ideas - Loch Lomond.
Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a massive 39 kilometres long! Take a boat trip on the loch or cycle and walk around the shore.
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Staycation Ideas - Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle

The historic Edinburgh castle is situated high above the city on castle rock. Edinburgh castle is a world heritage site. The annual Military tattoo is a spectacular site to behold.
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Staycation Ideas - Glencoe.

In the Scottish Highlands is the Glencoe valley and Glencoe village. This is an area of outstanding beauty and the surrounding mountain scenery is breath-taking.
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Staycation Ideas - Isle of Skye.
Isle of Skye

This rugged island just off the west coast of Scotland is the largest of the Inner Hebrides. It is however accessible by bridge to the Scottish mainland. It is possible to see the ‘Northern Lights’ in the winter from the Isle of Skye.
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Staycation Ideas - Glasgow.

Glasgow is the 2nd largest city in Scotland. Famous for its art and architecture and not least its football teams. It has a massive artistic and music scene and is home to the Scottish ballet and Scottish opera.
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Staycation Ideas - Loch Ness.
Loch Ness

The famous Loch Ness is extremely deep at nearly 750ft deep. Notably famous for the loch ness monster known as ‘Nessie’. Why not take a cruise on the loch and see if you can spot the monster?
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Staycation Ideas - Orkney Islands.
Orkney Islands

Sail around 20 miles to the north of Scotland and you will come to the fantastic and historic Orkney isles. A collection of over 70 islands of which around a quarter are actually inhabited.
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Staycation Ideas - Glasgow Whiskey tour.
Glasgow Whiskey tour

A trip to Scotland is not complete without a visit to a Glasgow whiskey distillery. Take a whiskey tour around Glasgow and learn from the expert guide some unusual stories and facts about Scotland’s whiskey industry.
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